about me

and this website
i was born in galați, romania, in 1968.
i’m travelling with a camera since 2008.
heredown you'll find my visual perceptions.

Travel and Documentary Photography

people and places


documentary projects

(witnessing customs)

day of the dead

oaxaca de juarez, mexic, 2011

holy week

sicily, italy, 2012-2019

bear dancers

trotus valey, 2016-2018


travel stories

(on the road)

bahia's shores

brazil, 2010-2011
image from bucovina, winter, 2010 © Sorin Frasina

bucovina lumberjacks

obcini, romania, 2013

maramures county

romania, 2012-2020


outdoor local festivals

(on the spot)

hornari teatrul masca

masca: (living statues)

bucharest 2012-2014

sao sebastiao

igatu, brazil, 2011


galati, romania, 2017