-related to forestry:

the use of horses in forestry is commonly called “horse logging”. in the modern industrialized world, it is often part of sustainable forest management.

-related to dense forests:

horses can efficiently extract every single damaged tree from a forest without roadbuilding required for powered vehicles. the use of chainsaws for tree felling in association with horse logging is quite common in wood harvesting operations. it’s especially used in the case of dense forests where thinning operations are applied.

-related to romania’s heavy forestry vehicles

romania’s dense forests have access points for tafs. this is the local acronym for forestry articulated tractor – romanian brand of  heavy forestry vehicles. from these access points the logs are taken over to be shipped for further industrialization.

-related to hucul pony

the “hucul pony” (or simply “hutul“) is a local breed of very resilient mountain horse used for pulling timber in romania’s otherwise inaccessible forested areas. small teams of three lumberjacks having one or two hutul horses are contracted to cut down trees in northern moldavia, bukovina and maramures.

the photo series:

the logs transport from tree felling sites of high difficuty acces to the taf’s access point is provided by horse logging teams. the documentary images from this series were taken by following the activity of such a team, near campulung moldovenesc – romania at the and of winter.